Santorini: Pocket Game 1.0.8 Mod Apk for Android

By | April 14, 2021

Santorini: Pocket Game is an Upcoming Game for Android. Take a trip to Santorini, the gem of the Aegean Sea and the world’s best resort!

Have you always wanted to try out a game where you take on the role of a resort manager? Then Santorini: Pocket Game by NANOO might be for you. Santorini is based in the Aegean Sea surrounded by hotels and restaurants. The game is up for pre-registration for both iOS and Android and is set to release on the 27th of April.

Santorini Pocket Game

You’ll be able to curate new ideas and designs as you are tasked with building new hotels in the nearby areas before decorating them later on. As Santorini is a vacation spot with a beautiful beach and a spectacular sea view, the demand for resorts is quite high. So you’ll need to make excellent use of your management skills to guide the tourists.

Enjoy this ‘Resort Management Simulation’ game by building beautiful hotels and restaurants to create your vacation spots, as well as playing it as a healing & idle game, all the while enjoying the sea view.

Santorini: Pocket Game

Feel the beauty of Santorini through the game!

  • Experience the beautiful villages and tourist attractions of Santorini
  • Create your own style of Santorini village, a beautiful combination of white and blue
  • Build hotels for increasing tourists and restaurants and shops for increasing revenue
  • Acquire and upgrade over 200 different buildings and landmarks
  • Upgrade airport and harbor for increased planes and cruise ship traffic
  • Expand the village to unlock new buildings, villages, and tourist destinations
  • Enjoy the beautiful music created by a Greek musician using traditional instrument

We have tried to capture the essence and beauty of Santorini.

In order to bring the beauty of Santorini into the game, our team headed to Santorini. We walked an average of 16,000 steps daily for a week and worked diligently to observe the island’s details. While seeing major tourist destinations, landmarks, and beautiful scenery, we have captured photos and videos. With over 200,000 photos and video data collected, we were able to implement Santorini’s major tourist destinations, beautiful villages, and buildings as game content. We hope that you will be able to feel the beauty of Santorini with its bright sunshine and deep blue of ​​the Mediterranean Sea, wonderful caldera views, beautiful villages, landmarks, historic sites, museums, and colorful sandy beaches!

Santorini: Pocket Game

Be sure to listen to music that moves with the winds of Santorini.

Our team have worked hard to express the beauty of Santorini to the fullest. We have sought out for a music that could convey our senses and emotions we were feeling. While exploring Santorini with this in mind, we came across Kleopas Thanasis serendipitously, a musician playing traditional Greek instruments in the small village of Pyrgos. His performances contained the beautiful melody and the mysterious sensibility of Santorini, which we were mesmerized by for some time while listening. We were able to get in touch with him and communicate about type of music theme we were looking for. After agreeing on a deal, we were able to get 10 beautiful songs through the email. We thank Kleopas Thanasis again for the great music.

Santorini is an island formed by one of the volcanic eruptions in history and is a famous tourist destination in Greece in the Aegean Sea, located east of the Mediterranean Sea.

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Before constructing new buildings, explore the spot to know the best places to build in order to attract more customers. Analyse the interests of tourists and modify your resorts according to their desires. Although it is the job of the manager to look after the needs of their customer. You’ll then be able to expand your resorts with better facilities as more tourists flock to you.

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A successful manager can upgrade up to 200 buildings and earn huge revenue from them. Make your resorts accessible by building airports, helipads and harbours and upgrade them accordingly to accommodate increased planes and ship traffic.

With traditional Greek music as the background tracks by Kleopas Thanasis, it will surely mesmerize the players. The devs say that they have tried to imitate the exact scenario of Santorini in the game by observing the place precisely.

Santorini: Pocket Game is now available to pre-register on Google Play Store.

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