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By | April 9, 2021

Puzzle Combat: Match-3 RPG is Role Playing Game for Android. Battle endless waves of enemies in this fast-paced puzzle RPG!

Today, Zynga and Small Giant Games have announced that their modern taken on the match-3 genre, Puzzle Combat, is now globally available for both iOS and Android. Alongside tackling puzzles, it will also see players recruiting heroes, building bases and battling against others in PvP.

Puzzle Combat Match-3 RPG

They’ll be battling against the Dread Army and looking to create power-ups by finding as many matches and combinations as possible. Beyond that, they can recruit various heroes to fight for their cause, each of which has its own unique attacks. The characters available include the likes of spies, medics and demolition experts.

Puzzle Combat: Match-3 RPG Game News

Outside of the puzzle-based combat, players will look to create bases that are adequately fortified. There will be a host of different buildings to construct such as foundries, workshops, training schools and quarters.

Enter the world of PUZZLE COMBAT and experience these exciting features:


Collect and level up awesome heroes like brawlers, warriors, droids, zombies and more. Summon hundreds of unique heroes with new exclusive heroes added every month!


Play with friends and work together in massive 30 vs 30 PVP wars and PVE missions. Collaborate with your clan in epic boss fight raids to collect incredible loot.


Discover and craft powerful unique weapons to build up your arsenal. Turn old into new by continually upgrading to maximize weapon stats.


Construct and upgrade buildings to train your recruits into heroes. Harvest food, mine metal, and craft critical battle items to survive.


Compete in challenging weekly tournaments and monthly challenges for amazing rewards. Immerse yourself in fantastic worlds of apocalyptic raiders, cyberpunk explorers, lawless cowboys, and more.

These battles can be played out against others in PvP. Players can also form alliances to share tactics and tackle team-based events. Doing so can promote their heroes, making them even more formidable on the match-3 battlefield.

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Discussing the game, Jose Saarniniemi, Managing Director of Small Giant Games said: “Puzzle Combat gives players the rush of commanding the ultimate squad of heroes, all through the familiar fun of a match-3 experience.”

He added: “By combining key elements of Empires & Puzzles with a new, modern combat-themed game design, Puzzle Combat immerses players in a dynamic, action-packed virtual world filled with zombies. Following today’s release, we expect Puzzle Combat to build a community of engaged gamers with additional themes and upgraded features designed to appeal to players around the world.”

You can learn more information of Puzzle Combat: Match-3 RPG Game on Google Play Store.

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