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By | March 28, 2021

Night of the Full Moon is an Strategy category game for Android. Night of the Full Moon is a stand-alone card game. There is no mandatory beginners guide, no internet connection, no brush map, no ten strokes.

Night of the Full Moon

We’ve all heard the story of the Little Red Riding Hood. A classic tale that has everything you could ever want: grandmothers, lumberjacks, and wolves. Oh, and who can forget the Little Red Riding Hood herself. We’ve heard that story a thousand times, but we rarely get the chance to play it for ourselves.

Night of the Full Moon Game Description : 

Fortunately, developer Giant Games is here give us that experience in a way you’ve never expected before with Night of the Full Moon, an RPG-like card game that will keep you hooked from beginning to end.

Night of the Full Moon – Story :

In Night of the Full Moon, you play as Little Red Riding Hood, as you’d expect. But instead of being a cute little child, she is a knight, a witch, a nun, or even a soul hunter; it all depends on how you want to play the game.

You can choose any class you want, but the difficulty will increase depending on your choice. Not only that, but you can increase the challenge a bit more after you’ve played through the game the first time.

Unlike the story most of us know, this time Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother is missing, and she embarks on a mission to the Black Forest, where it’s always dark and night, to find her. Throughout her journey, she’ll find many different humans, werewolves, and elves, all trying to kill her.

Game Features :

Mild strategy turn-based card battle

Eight occupations, more than 400 cards free to match

Ninety-two mysterious opponents await your challenge

Randomly trigger unknown events during the adventure

Multiple plot options that affect your reputation and courage

Night of the Full Moon Gameplay :

Your only line of defense against these terrible, hideous creatures is a deck of cards. You know, like in the real story. You’ll use the cards you have at your disposal, along with new powerful cards you find in your journey to defeat all your enemies.

The game is pretty straightforward, and you won’t have any issues playing it. Plus, you won’t have any problems defeating enemies at the beginning of the game, so you’ll move forward fairly easily. Don’t expect the game to remain the same, though. Some enemies are hard to beat and even unfair at times; it’ll all depend on your strategy and luck to draw the right cards.

You’ll play different chapters throughout the game, each one with several pages of enemies you need to defeat to make some progress. As you move forward, you’ll fight against bosses and key characters that you’ll interact with.

The more enemies you defeat, the more bits of the story you’ll find. And in the end, you’ll get a different ending depending on the choices you made throughout the game.

I really liked the story in Night of the Full Moon, but I enjoyed the journey a lot more. The game is enjoyable to play, and it makes you want to keep going just to find more colorful characters and improve your stats.

There is also a twist to it!

As mentioned before, Night of the Full Moon has some RPG elements to it. Not only will you be able to choose the class of Little Red Riding Hood, but you’ll also level up the more experience you earn. If you’ve played any RPG games before, you know sometimes it can be tedious to grind the game to gain the experience you need to level up or find the right cards you need. No matter how good a game is, this part of any RPG feels more like a chore than anything else.

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You’ll be able to upgrade your abilities, as well as finding new ones. But, unlike other games, you can also upgrade your own cards. You can upgrade your cards two or three times, improving the effect they have and the damage they inflict. Upgrading cards isn’t as easy as you’d think, since you need to find the right page to do it. Fortunately, levels aren’t that important at first, so you’ll be able to continue with the campaign and upgrade your cards along the way.

If you need to learn more information of Night of the Full Moon game on Google Play Store.

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