Mission Conflict Blitz 1.0.3 Mod Apk

By | April 9, 2021

Mission Conflict Blitz is a newly released missile action arcade game for Android. If you ever wanted to play as the commander of a powerful base in a classic arcade missile launching game.

Missile Conflict BLITZ

With continuous attacks from the enemies on your base, your duty as a commander is to protect your base along with your people and lay out a solid strategy to destroy your foes. Along with the controls and mechanics, the devs have also focussed on the graphics and soundtrack, which you can check out in the embedded trailer below.

As you sustain the damage dealt by enemy attacks, the game allows you to upgrade your defence system. This includes towers, missile systems and vehicles. You’ll also need to improve your tactics frequently to stay effective with fewer resources.

While building up your career and collecting commendations you can challenge friends or fight about highscores with players from all around the world. Connect your profile with GooglePlay and play on your tablet and smartphone!

Mission Conflict Blitz New Released Game News

Key features

Upgrade your missile towers after each fended wave

Choose up to three special abilities at the beginning of each mission

Try out different combinations of abilities and upgrades

Enhance your skills and optimize your tactics

Make your way through several missions with increasing difficulty

Explore stunning and atmospheric environments

Collect awards and commendations

Become a legendary commander and build up a glorious career

Compete with friends and players from all around the world

Become a Premium Player to get rid of all advertising

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Before the start of each mission, you’ll be able to choose up to three skills, which play an important part during the battle. Create new combinations of attacks and weapons before challenging your friends to compete with you. By scoring high you’ll net yourself various awards and medals for your bravery. Also, once you’ve collected them, you can display them in your personal achievements section and in the global leaderboards as well.

Fulfil your desire of becoming a battle commander and guide your army towards victory while developing your war skills and tactics.

You can learn more information of Mission Conflict Blitz game on Google Play Store

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