Bleach: Brave Souls 60 Million Downloads Celebration

Bleach: Brave Souls has achieved a milestone by reaching a total of 60 million downloads worldwide. To celebrate this new achievement, the game will hold a 60 million download celebration for android user. The celebration will start on April 30th and will run until May 31st. The month-long event will be comprised of multiple events with different themes.… Read More »

Forge of Empires New Content Update News

Forge of Empires is an Strategy category game for Android. Recently Forge of Empires owner InnoGames GmbH Published New Update for all game Lover. InnoGames has recently released a large-scale content update for Forge of Empires. The latest update includes a whole new colony called Space Age Venus, along with numerous events and quests. Players can log in… Read More »

Mystery Match Village Puzzle Game for Android

Mystery Match Village Puzzle Game for Android. Mystery Match Village takes you on a mysterious journey! features an all-new adventure event. Mystery Match Village features an all-new adventure with bubbly private investigator Emma Fairfax as she returns to her hometown to find it shrouded in secrets that she’s eager to solve. As a sequel, the game builds on… Read More »

Godzilla Battle Line Global Launch for Android

Godzilla Battle Line Global Launch for Android. All the popular monsters and weapons from the Godzilla series are ready for battle! TOHO Games has finally released the key visuals and the official trailer of their upcoming game, Godzilla Battle Line. Previously, an official announcement was also made regarding the release date of the game along with the release… Read More »

Pokemon Masters EX New Story and Events Update News

Pokemon Masters EX Players can now add two new Sync Pair Pokémon to their team. The latest additions are Grass and Water types in the form of Elio & Popplio and Selene & Rowlet. Pokémon Masters has evolved! Discover a whole new adventure in Pokémon Masters EX! BATTLE AGAINST CHAMPIONS! Enter the new Champion Stadium, and battle the… Read More »

Darkfire Heroes Update News

Darkfire Heroes is an Role playing category game for Android. Rovio has released Darkfire Heroes out of soft launch, with the game now available worldwide across all Android Device. This confirmation comes from the mobile publisher’s Twitter account in which it writes: “It’s here, it’s live, it’s global! Medium star. We are so thrilled to launch our brand… Read More »

Dragon Raja Crossover Event Update News

Dragon Raja is an Role playing game for Android by Archosaur Games. Dragon Raja is an incredible fantasy MMORPG with stunning graphics. The game has a grand open world waiting for you to freely explore. With the customized avatar and innovative career system, it’s time to enjoy a unique gaming experience. In addition, the advanced in-game social system… Read More »

Call of Duty Mobile Third Season Update News

Call of Duty Mobile is an action category game for Android. Recently they are Relased third season of all game lover. You can progress through the tiers simply by playing the game. New Rewards in the Tokyo Escape Battle Pass Players who have bought the Tokyo Escape Battle Pass can claim both premium and free items which includes… Read More »

Arc The Lad R is an Upcoming JRPG Game for Android

Arc The Lad R is an upcoming JRPG Game for Android. Boltrend Games have announced that players can now pre-register for their upcoming JRPG Arc the Lad. The Arc the Lad Console Franchise Returns as an SRPG on Smartphone!The game is set in a world after Arc the Lad II. 10 years ago, the Great Disaster caused a… Read More »

Santorini: Pocket Game is an Upcoming Game for Android

Santorini: Pocket Game is an Upcoming Game for Android. Take a trip to Santorini, the gem of the Aegean Sea and the world’s best resort! Have you always wanted to try out a game where you take on the role of a resort manager? Then Santorini: Pocket Game by NANOO might be for you. Santorini is based in… Read More »